Faith For Nature: Multi-Faith Action

Three themes

People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships

The participants are tasked with exploring three themes that will form the substantive basis for the objectives and outcomes of the Conference. Participants should bring out context specific information by exploring these themes as they appear in their respective regions.


A) The contribution of values, ethics and faith-based action as drivers for sustainable and regenerative development to achieve the SDGs. Topics include:

  • The historical role of FBOs and other faith actors in sustainable development, including the role of faith communities in practicing nature-based solutions.
  • How faith mobilizes action and how the contribution of faith and FBOs differentiates from the contribution of other actors such as government, civil society, and business.
  • The relevance of values, ethics, faith-based action and faith actors for the 2030 Agenda.

B) Challenges for FBOs in contributing to the SDGs

  • Challenges in integrating the SDGs into the internal and external work of faith actors, especially their capacity to engage in environmental policy discussion with authorities at community, municipal, national, and international levels.
  • Challenges in ensuring that faith-based action and science-based solutions are mutually supportive.

C) The way forward, regionally and globally, for FBOs to work for the SDGs

  • What processes and mechanisms are needed for FBOs to make substantial contributions to the SDGs, both individually and collectively? Considering specifically the UNEP proposed Faith for Earth Coalition and its sustainability.
  • How to facilitate the integration of religious and spiritual values to ensure inclusive green and transformative development and change in behaviours towards sustainability.
  • How to link science and faith for regenerative and sustainable development to achieve the SDGs?

Faith for Nature: multi-faith action

Inspired to take collective action to protect our shared planet